About Us


About us

KSA is mandated to promote, coordinate and regulate space related activities in the country. This will be achieved through promotion of research and innovations in space science, technology and respective applications as well as enhancing the regulatory framework. It will also spur Kenya’s competitiveness and positioning in playing a critical role in the regional and global space agenda


To coordinate, nurture and develop Kenya’s Space sector towards enhanced utilization of Space opportunities.


Effective utilization of Space Economy for national sustainable development.


Promote, coordinate and regulate space related activities in Kenya.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • History

    Kenya & Italy collaborate to establish a Satellite launching and tracking base in Malindi

    Over 20 sounding rockets & 9 rockets launched from the Malindi Station

    National Space Secretariat was established

    Kenya Space Agency established as successor to the National Space Secretariate

    Kenya deploys in first satellite (nanosatellite) into orbit from the International Space Station (ISS). The satellite, (1KUNS-PF), is a technology demonstrator with a low-resolution camera.

    Kenya Space Agency first board is inaugurated by the Cabinet Secretary of Defence

    What We Do

    Our Functions

    Co-ordinate and regulate space related activities in the country
    Implement the Kenya space policy and any related programmes
    Recommend and advise the Government on the development of relevant legislation to facilitate the successful implementation of Kenya space programme
    Advice the government on the legislative and other measures necessary for the implementation of the relevant Conventions, Treaties and Agreements that Kenya is a party
    Recommend national space policies, strategies and programmes
    Promote capacity building in space science and technology and its applications
    Establish centres of excellence in space science;
    Enter into mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral agreements with persons, agencies, governments or bodies in furtherance of its mandate
    Identify, prepare and facilitate the implementation of inventions and innovations in space technologies
    Provide leadership in coordinating and supporting research in space science and technology;
    Liaise with the relevant institutions and Government agencies to ensure funding and implementation of space programmes
    Promote awareness and appreciation at all levels of Kenyan society on the relevance and benefits of space science and technology

    Kenya Space Agency & Vision 2030