KSA partnership with Apollo Children's Science Park

KSA partnered with Apollo Science Children's Park over the weekend to host a Space themed event. The park seeks to engage children, parents and teachers in exciting and diverse hands-on science activities. The Astronomy and Space Science Department engages in space education and outreach to help create awareness on space related subjects and the agency’s presence and mandate in the country.

The Space Club is an educative program within the KSA by the Education and Outreach department, whose aim is to increase the GEO STEAM (Geography, Science Technology, Art, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects uptake from the basic education levels. 

The park allows children to witness the changes in technologies and introduces them to the various scientific fields of study so as to help shape, guide and inspire their future careers. Children and from St Clement Primary School, Thigio and others from as far as Nakuru county graced the day event.