In line with performance contracting guidelines for the FY 2021/2022, the Kenya Space Agency was today, 23 September 2022, evaluated by Public Service Performance Management and Monitoring Unit. The representatives, Dr. Daniel Muteki and Mr. Odiwuor Dedan; evaluated the Agency on the financial stewardship, service delivery, core mandate, implementation of presidential directives and cross cutting issues.

Performance evaluation is the culmination of the process of Performance Contracting and is carried out in a manner that ensures objectivity and integrity of the results. MDAs are expected to provide verifiable documented evidence of achievement of the agreed performance targets. As much as is practicable, and for the purpose of objectivity in performance evaluation, PSPMMU undertakes actual verification of reported achievements. Upon agreement on the results, the parties to the moderation phase of the evaluation process are required to endorse copies of the final evaluation matrix and detailed notes (in form of minutes) on the evaluation process.