Kenya Space Agency Launches GLOBE Club at The University of Embu

Kenya Space Agency (KSA) has donated items and equipment to assist the University of Embu in the implementation of the Global Learning and Observation for the Benefit of the Environment (GLOBE) Club activities at the University.

Speaking during the launch, KSA Acting Director General, Col. Hillary Kipkosgey said that the GLOBE club is in line with KSA’s strategic plan themed, “Development of National Space Capability” which majorly focuses on capacity building activities including development of human competencies and skills, acquisition and development of requisite space-related facilities and infrastructure, as well as education and outreach programmes.

He added that KSA has adopted GLOBE, as the science and environmental outreach program to engage and nurture the next generation of scientists in Primary and Secondary schools.

“Satellites orbit the Earth gathering data on the Earth’s system's surface at a global scale. While these satellites provide us with a broad view of what is going on, there is always need to confirm their measurements with those taken on the ground. Ground observations or in-situ observation, is critical and provide researchers with crucial information that is used to calibrate and validate remotely sensed data from space,” said Col. Kipkosgey.

Col. Kipkosgey also said that the proposed introduction of the GLOBE club at this University is exciting news for the agency and that KSA will begin the process on engaging with the prospective teachers during their formation, thus inculcating important skillsets that transform them into more effective and practical-based teachers.

He assured the University and the GLOBE Club of KSA’s support to the program to ensure that the prospective teachers are better equipped to handle the next generation of learners adding that the GLOBE Club was a milestone in the implementation of the GLOBE Program in the country.

Launched in 1995, GLOBE is an international science and education program with over 125 participating countries that allows students, teachers and scientists and volunteers, such as citizen scientists to participate in data collection and analysis as well as scientific research processes to benefit the environment. GLOBE program is being implemented by KSA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Through the program, the participants collect ground observations which is critical and provides researchers with crucial information that is used to calibrate and validate remotely-sensed data from space thus monitoring and tracking environmental changes. These datasets form the basis for planning and forecast, thus allowing communities and businesses to plan sustainably, improving their resilience to climate change and adverse effects.