Super Moon viewing event on the KICC helipad on 13th July 2022

Kenya Space Agency partnered with the Amateur Astronomical Society of Kenya and Leo Sky Africa to host a Super moon viewing event atop the Kenyatta International Convention Centre. One of the areas of priority for the agency is the promotion of Space Science and Astronomy through research, innovation, public engagement, education and outreach.     

In attendance were citizens, students and Space enthusiast. A collection of three telescopes were availed by the Agency and stakeholders. The event began at 6:30 pm with an introductory talk on the significance of the supermoon and promotion of space related activities in Kenya.

During the moon’s 27-day elliptical orbit around the sun, it travels closer and farther to the earth at different periods. During apogee, when the moon is farthest from the earth, it is at an average distance of 405,400 km. During perigee, the moon comes as close as 363,228.9 km. When the moon is full during a perigee, it is known as a super moon due to its large and bright appearance.

After the brief introduction of the stakeholders the attendees were given a chance to view the moon through the various telescopes available and were able to take pictures on their gadgets with the agency’s telescope. The event ended at 8:45 pm with a closing speech from the CEO of LeoSky Africa. The attendees expressed interest in such similar events in future and look forward to seeing more local Space related activities.