Space Clubs

Kenya Space Agency hopes to inspire and prepare young generations to exploit space-related opportunities and create public awareness on space applications, services and space-derived products.

What are Space Clubs?

The Kenya Space Agency (KSA) undertakes several initiatives to nurture and support the growth of the country's indigenous space sector. Of particular focus is the need to nurture and grow research and expand opportunities in the space science sector in Kenya. In this regard, the Agency is involved in a number programmes that promote Geography, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (Geo-STEAM) at all levels of education and training.

The Space Club was founded in September 2020 as an educative programme established by the KSA Education and Outreach Department. It involves interactive scientific activities, competitions and learning sessions with learners in various learning institutions around the country with the aim of educating the next generation on GEO-STEAM and the significance of these subjects in supporting the space industry.

The club prioritized the following four areas that support the country's growing space sector:

a. Earth observation (EO).
b. Space Science and Astronomy (SSA).
c. Information technology (IT).
d. Space Systems Engineering (SSE).

The primary objective of Space Club is to educate, nurture and inspire learners with aspirations for the space ecosystem. By imparting knowledge on different elements pertaining to space, the club seeks to broaden and enhance the quality of education for learners and therefore allow them to understand and actively pursue the opportunities that the universe holds for them.

Schools and organizations and other stakeholders can apply for Space Club Outreach activities: