Space Services

The Kenya Space Agency aims to enhance access to Space services and grow the demand for Space services through effective and efficient service delivery and industry coordination.


The Agency has identified five (5) Space programmes of service including: earth observation, navigation and positioning, satellite communications, space operations and systems engineering and space science and astronomy. This will benefit the national government, county governments, private sector and academia who are users of Space services.

Earth Observation (EO): Earth Observation entails monitoring Earth from Space using remote sensing techniques. EO provides reliable information about our planet on a global scale and helps us to monitor our environment and understand our planet. Through the EO programme, the Agency aims to coordinate and promote utilization of satellite imagery for digital mapping and information in various sectors for national development. This will help us to monitor our environment, natural resources, disasters and understand the changes happening in our country. KSA seeks to ensure that EO data, products and services are easily accessible to policy makers, government agencies, educators, business users and wider consumer markets to maximize its potential for the economy, science and society.

Navigation and Positioning: Through this programme, the Agency aims to support application of navigation and positioning technology and services in various sectors including aviation, maritime, infrastructure, security and support operations in search and rescue, surveillance and surveying which require location and routing information.

Satellite Communications: Satellite communication involves transmission of signals using the electromagnetic spectrum between ground receivers and transponders on artificial satellites orbiting in space. To develop national Space capability in satellite communications, the Agency is undertaking various initiatives towards acquisition of national communications satellites, control centres and ground facilities.

Space Operations and Systems Engineering: This involves the Agency supporting the development of telemetry, tracking and command services, mission control, satellite manufacturing capacity and launch services. To enhance national capability in Space operations and systems engineering, the country will need to establish mission control centre, ground stations, launch infrastructure, and facilities for manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing.

Space Science and Astronomy: This programme focuses on space weather and space exploration. It entails space weather monitoring and exploration that promotes access to space weather and astronomy data. The Agency is developing national capability in space science and astronomy to support the establishment of astronomical observatory for both radio and optical astronomy.
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