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Kenya Space Agency is leveraging space for national development.

Space Services

Learn more about our delivery of space services in earth observation, navigation and positioning, satellite communications, space operations and systems engineering and space science and astronomy.

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Space Capability

We are building a national space capability through Development of Human Capacity and Competence; Development of Infrastructure and Facilities; Promotion of Research, Innovation and Application; and Promoting Education and Outreach.

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Space Sector Coordination

We work with all industry players in growing a space sector that supports national development. Proper coordination and leadership will ensure that stakeholders are well guided for effective investments, impact and value for money.

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Our Focus Areas

Enhancing Utilization of Space Services and Applications:

The Agency is promoting the use of space-based services and applications, such as communication, navigation, and earth observation, to improve various sectors, including agriculture, urban planning, and natural resource management.

Nurturing and Developing National Space Capability:

Building indigenous capacity in space science and technology by investing in human resources, infrastructure, and research to enable Kenya to actively contribute to the global space sector. 

Instituting a Healthy
Policy, Legal, &
Regulatory Environment:

KSA is establishing a clear and comprehensive policy, legal, and regulatory framework to govern space activities and ensure Kenya's compliance with international space law.

Utilization of Earth
Observation Data:

This is the harnessing satellite imagery and remote sensing data to support informed decision-making in agriculture, urban planning, and natural resource management, leading to better resource allocation and sustainable practices.

Developing Human

The Agency is investing in education, training, and skills development programs to create a skilled workforce capable of supporting Kenya's growing space sector.

Education and

KSA is raising public awareness of the importance and benefits of space technologies, and inspiring future generations to pursue careers in space science and technology to drive sustainable economic growth and improve the quality of life for Kenyan citizens.

Promoting Research
and Innovation:

Encouraging and supporting research and innovation in space science and technology to foster technological advancements and create new opportunities for Kenya in the global space market.

Collaboration with Regional and International Partners:

Fostering partnerships with regional and international organizations to share knowledge, resources, and best practices, and to collaborate on joint projects, ensuring Kenya's active participation in the global space community.

Kenya Space Expo and Conference 2024

Theme: Space Technologies for Societal Benefits 
Date: 18-20th June 2024 Venue: The Edge Convention Centre, Nairobi

Pacing Space

Watch Video ▶ The journey towards the launch of Taifa-1,
Kenya's first earth observation satellite

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5 Moments In History Of Space Science and Technology In Kenya

1964 - Kenya & Italy collaborate to establish a satellite launching and tracking base in Malindi. Over 20 sounding rockets and 9 satellites were launched from the facility between 1967 and 1988.

07 March 2017 - Kenya Space Agency was established as a State Corporation under the Kenya Space Agency Order of 2017 (Legal Notice No. 22 of 7th March 2017) as a successor to the National Space Secretariat, which had been established via Gazette Notice No. 5563 of 5th June 2009.

11 May 2018 - Kenya’s first satellite named 1st Kenya University Nano Satellite - Precursor Flight (1KUNS-PF) was deployed into orbit from the International Space Station. The satellite was a technology demonstrator and was equipped with low-resolution camera tasked with capturing mapping images of Kenya and neighbouring East African countries within its orbit. Designed with a lifespan of one year, 1KUNS-PF deorbited in June 2020.

20 October 2020 – Kenya Space Agency launched its first Strategic Plan to establish and position itself to effectively and efficiently deliver on its mandate.

15 April 2023 - Taifa-1, Kenya’s first operational earth observation satellite, launches to space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, US.

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